How Are You Funded?

We depend on financial support from the community to keep the CR8 open.  You can help by making a one-time gift or by making a monthly pledge to help support us.  We are a tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

Where Is The Money Spent?

All money donated to the CR8 is used for operational expenses.  There is no rent on the building but we have to pay for utilities, supplies and maintenance and repair of our equipment.

How Are Teens Kept Safe?

All adult volunteers are carefully screened and a criminal background check is perform before they are allowed to work at the CR8.  State of the art video surveillance equipment is in use to constantly monition the facility.  A code of conduct is enforced at all times.  The Grapeland Police Department works closely with the CR8 to see that no problems develop.

How Can I Help?

We are in need of monthly financial support to keep the facility operating.  We also depend on volunteers to give their time to work at the CR8.  Please contact us if you would like more information on helping out.

Who Owns and Operates The CR8?

The CR8 is owned and operated by the local community.  It is supported by local churches, businesses and individuals.  A board of directors made up of people from the community oversee the operation.

Why the name CR8?

CR8 is an alternate spelling for “CRATE” using cell phone text messaging code.  The crate part came from a list of names submitted to the board.  One-by-one the other names were eliminated and only CR8 was left.