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You are the light of the world.  A city on a hill cannot be hidden.
Matthew 5:14
Getting Here. Leadership. Adults. Kids. Everything Else.

In April 2001 LOAH leased space in a storefront building in downtown Grapeland  Tommy and Donna along with three other families worked each week to remodel and prepare the space for use.  On July 15, 2001 the doors opened for worship.

The group continued to grow and in 2003 LOAH purchased the building it was leasing.  After the business operating in the other half of the building relocated, LOAH completely remodeled the building and moved into the additional space in August 2004.

In October of that year another Church in Grapeland was led by God to donate their property and buildings to LOAH when they closed their doors.

In 2005 LOAH began improving and remodeling these facilities.

In March 2006 LOAH moved into our present home.  Additional remodeling projects continued throughout 2007.

Since the very beginning, LOAH has been building as we have grown.  As we look to the future we believe the expansion will continue as God gives the increase.

We invite you to come be a part of this exciting and growing ministry.

Whatever your talents, gifts and abilities, there is a place for you here.