I Am – 6 The Door For The Sheep

I Am – 6 The Door For The Sheep

This week Pastor Tommy Sprinkle continues the series on I Am by teaching on I Am The Door For The Sheep.

Doors are a common item we use several times a day, often without even thinking about them. Jesus often used common everyday items and experiences to help explain spiritual truths.

This week Pastor Tommy looks at some spiritual truths we can apply as we study the topic of doors.

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  1. Harold & Therese Greenberg

    We went to a school located near the Winchester Mystery House.
    We passed it every day and meant to take the tour eventually, but never got around to it.
    That’s a lot of doors.
    Thank God we didn’t end up lost and wondering in a world full of confusing doors (choices), but rather found Jesus–the one true door to life and eternity.

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