Memorial Day


  1. H&T Greenberg

    Thank you Jesse, we are blessed by this reminder.

    Most of us would think that washing the feet of filthy, lowly men is a disgusting, undesirable chore, but not Jesus. He stooped down on one knee and gladly brought out water and a towel.

    Perhaps He was thinking something like… “Ah, Peter’s feet, I remember when I created these! What a work of wonder: five toes, a nail to protect each and strong enough to carry a man’s weight…” And then, “Ah John’s feet, still so young, tender…” “My creation! Let me get all this earthly dirt off of them now.”

    Jesus also looked at all mankind, the crown of His creation, in His own image (now covered in the filth of sin), and thought, “I must stoop down from my Heavenly position and wash the filth off my beautiful creation (the human soul).”

    As with the disciples, He washes us one at a time, as individuals, calling us by name and giving us each special care and attention.

  2. Tommy Sprinkle

    Thanks for a great message that not only reminds us of the price other have paid to allow us to exercise our freedom in our country but also the price Christ paid and the example of a servant he demonstrated. We should be encouraged to follow that example and have the heart of a servant.

  3. Donna Sprinkle

    Thank you Jesse. Your sermon touched my heart in many ways. Thankful for those who fought and died for my freedom and most thankful for Jesus who died for my salvation and washed the dirt and filth from my undeserving soul. I pray that that love and humility that He demonstrated will be expressed in my life more in my walk with Him.

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