Quarantine – Endure or Engage

Quarantine – Endure or Engage

Times of change and difficulty are often God’s opportunity to work in our lives. Let us not waste this season of atypical confinement with our loved ones. These, potentially uncomfortable circumstances have the power to strengthen both us as believers and our families if we choose to gratefully embrace them.


  1. Tommy Sprinkle

    Brother Harold, I really enjoyed your message. I believe that God can always use the circumstances that surround us to grow us. I don’t believe it means that God has brought the circumstances or situations upon us but that He can take what the enemy intended for evil and use it for good in our lives. I believe the Bible is clear that we are not to just endure trials and testings but they are to be used to refine us and grow us. May we all seek to allow God to work in our lives in this time of great trouble and sorrow.

    • Harold & Therese Greenberg

      Dear Pastor Tommy,
      Thanks for the opportunity to share this message. We trust that it will be a word of support to our body during this time. God bless you and keep your family safe until we are able to meet again.

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