Weathering Life’s Storms


  1. Tommy Sprinkle

    A great message for the troubled times we are experiencing. I am encouraged that God will do a work in our lives as we weather the storms – if we submit ourselves to him. I agree that sometimes I too want to tell God, “That’s enough. I’m good. We can stop now.” We need to be encouraged to allow God to complete the good work he has started in each of us.

  2. Donna Sprinkle

    I so enjoyed your sermon this morning, Jesse. Thank you for sharing what God has put on your heart. My heart is encouraged by your teaching of His Word. I pray everyone who hears will be also be encouraged and that we all grow closer to God.

  3. CJ Trocko

    Jesse that was a good message. That is so true we probably have all try to tell God I’ve had enough, let’s stop now! We just need to remember who is bigger than the storm . God will & can shelter us because he loves us beyond reason. Everyone just do our part becareful & take care!

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