You Owe Me, You Need Me, You Belong To Me

You Owe Me, You Need Me, You Belong To Me

When Moses brought Pharaoh God’s message requiring him to set the children of Israel free, his immediate response was arrogant and defiant. He felt strongly that God had no authority over the affairs of his life. He jeered: “Who is the Lord?” “Why should I obey Him?” “Why should I let Israel go?”

Pharaoh was no different than any of us. We are all slow to give the Lord His proper place in our lives. In this message, we learn what that place is: We owe Him; we need Him and we belong to Him!


  1. admin

    Thanks for another great message. I am reminded of a song we used to sing many year ago:
    He paid a debt he did not owe,
    I owed a debit I could not pay,
    I needed someone to wash my sin away.
    We should always be reminded that we NEED Christ to accomplish a work in our life that would be impossible without Him!

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