Sunny Gross Baptism

Sunny Gross Baptism

On Sunday, August 26, 2018 , Light On A Hill Church celebrated the baptism of Sunny Gros.  Sunny is seven years old and committed her life to Jesus during altar time.  Each week at Light On A Hill we set aside a time for prayer.  During this time people come forward, kneel, make an altar, and spend time in prayer.  Often families come to the altar together.  Sunny and her two sisters came forward with their mom.  Sunny asked her mom if she could pray.  She began to pray a beautiful, heartfelt prayer asking for forgiveness and for Jesus to change her life.  Her mom said it was totally unexpected as Sunny had not recently been talking with anyone about salvation and was not prompted in any way.  It was a perfect example of the work of the Holy Spirit drawing Sunny to call upon the name of Jesus for her salvation.  

 The date for her baptism was chosen to allow family members to be present.  Sunny was baptized by Pastor Tommy Sprinkle.


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