About Us

About Us


It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’ve been, or what you’ve done, you matter to God—and that means you matter to us.  God is all about New Beginnings and at LOAH we are not focused on where we have been but where we are going.


Light On A Hill (LOAH) is about real people living real lives and worshiping together.  We are all about being who we really are, making mistakes, forgiving, and helping each other.

Tommy and Donna Sprinkle started the church with three other families in 2001 in a rented storefront space in downtown Grapeland.  The church grew and in 2003 we purchased the building in which we were currently meeting.  In October of 2004 another church in Grapeland closed down and gave their property and buildings to LOAH.  These facilities were remodeled and in 2006 they became the new home of Light On A Hill Church.

Our Priorities

  • Worship – Sundays are focused on worship.  We experience God in our lives as we worship through song, prayer and the teaching of the Word.
  • Fellowship – Wednesday are focused on fellowship, in fact we call our Wednesday evening gatherings Fellowship First.  We share a potluck meal around the table.  We do have a time of discussion but fellowship is the priority.
  • Serving – We have been blessed and we desire to share these blessings with the community around us.
  • Kids -They are not just our future tomorrow – they are our future today.  Although we provide classes to teach our kids about Jesus, we also include them in worshiping and ministering in the church so they don’t just learn about the Bible but they live it.