At Light On A Hill we believe in the Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and then the rest of the world approach to missions.  Jerusalem refers to ministering in the local community where the church is located.  For us this is Grapeland and Houston County.  The next level is Judea or missions within our own state and country.  Finally the rest of the world is everything else.

Jerusalem – Local Community Missions

Houston County Share

A non-profit organization based out of Crockett that serves the needs of residents of Houston County.  They provide food, clothing, and other services at no cost based on need.

Grapeland Elementary School

Each fall we provide backpacks full of school supplies for second, third, and fourth grade students enrolled in Grapeland Elementary.  The backpacks are provided to every student in these grades and is not based on need.  It is a opportunity for us to bless our local community.

Living Alternatives

Living Alternatives offers alternatives to abortion to women who are facing a crisis pregnancy and committed to serving those facing pregnancy (planned or unplanned), and parenting.

Judea and Samaria – Within Our Own Country

Teen Challenge of Texas

Teen Challenge is a Bible and Faith-based program for people who need to get their lives in order.  It often focuses on people with drug and alcohol addiction but can provide help in redirecting the lives of anyone needing their assistance.  There are separate programs for Men and Women and recently a facility for juveniles has opened in Texas.

The Rest Of The World – Foreign Missions

Phil Tappert – Missionary to France

Located in Montpellier, France, Phil Tappert spreads the gospel with a focus on students at a nearby university.  He offers three home-cooked fellowship meals each week as he disciples though Bible studies, worship services, retreats, Christian films, counseling, and prayer.

Danny and Sue Jaynes – GlobeLink Foundation

Danny and Sue Jaynes are dedicated to bringing the gospel to people in Africa who have never had the opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ. They are focused not only on introducing them to the message of the gospel but to discipling those who accept him as Lord and Savior. They are truly building the Church from the ground up.