Group Movie Outing

Group Movie Outing

Several members of Light On A Hill Church recently got together for a group outing. We kicked things off with a delicious meal at the International House of Pancakes. Imagine good food, great company, and laughs all around – the perfect warm-up for the holiday season.

Then came the main event – the movie! We watched “Journey to Bethlehem.” It was a movie musical that focused on the story of Mary and Joseph and their travel to the town of Bethlehem. Although some artistic license was taken with the Biblical story, the movie was entertaining and a reminder of the many hardships and obstacles faced by the couple as they made their way to the birthplace of Jesus.

But, you know, it wasn’t just about the movie. It was about us, the Light On A Hill crew, coming together for a good time. Laughs, chats, and a sprinkle of holiday magic – that’s how we roll.

As we head into the festive season, let’s keep that warm feeling alive. The journey to Bethlehem wasn’t just on the screen; it was in our hearts, lighting up the way for a season filled with joy, love, and all-around good vibes. Here’s to the start of a cozy Christmas, Light On A Hill style!


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