Jesse Loew

Jesse Loew

Hello, I’m Jesse Loew, and I’m honored to introduce my wonderful family – my wife Amber, and our two incredible children, Kaylee and River. Together, we are proud members of Light On A Hill Church.

Our journey at LOAH has been a profound calling from God, one that has deeply blessed our lives. We firmly believe that God’s hand is upon our church family and the Grapeland community, and it is our fervent hope to witness His continued work in remarkable ways.

Within both the church and the community, we enthusiastically embrace our roles as servant leaders. I serve as an associate pastor at LOAH, where Amber and I also volunteer diligently. Additionally, we have the privilege of serving on the board of the Grapeland Chamber Of Commerce, collaborating with others to foster growth and prosperity in our town. We find immense joy in dedicating our time to various community projects and services, making a positive impact wherever we can.

Our faith in God’s plan for Light On A Hill Church and our beloved Grapeland community drives us forward, and we look forward to the inspiring journey that lies ahead.

Sr. Pastor
Tommy Sprinkle