Light On A Hill Church Celebrates All Women on Mother’s Day

Light On A Hill Church Celebrates All Women on Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day, Light On A Hill Church took a moment to honor and celebrate all women in the congregation. During his sermon, Pastor Jesse reminded us that motherhood comes in many different forms and that all women should be included in the celebration, whether they have given birth, raised children they didn’t give birth to or served as spiritual mothers to the children in their lives.

To show their appreciation for the women in the church, Pastor Jesse and his daughter Kaylee assembled beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers. They presented them to each woman in the congregation. The flowers were a lovely gesture that symbolized motherhood’s beauty and nurturing spirit.

In addition to the flowers, each woman was given a colorful tumbler to carry their favorite beverage with them on the go. This gift was a practical reminder that the women in the church are valued and appreciated, not just on Mother’s Day but every day.

The Mother’s Day celebration at Light On A Hill Church was a beautiful reminder that motherhood is much more than giving birth. It’s about nurturing and caring for the people in our lives, whether they are our own children or not. The church’s gesture of appreciation for all the women in the congregation was a touching and meaningful way to recognize women’s important role in our lives.

As we continue to celebrate and honor the women in our lives, let us remember that motherhood is not limited to biology or genetics. It’s a universal experience that touches us all, and we should always be grateful for the love and support of the women around us.


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