Members Bless Pastor Tommy and Donna

Members Bless Pastor Tommy and Donna

This past Sunday our tight-knit community came together to express our gratitude and love for Pastor Tommy and Donna. In a heartfelt gesture, the church members presented them with a unique and meaningful gift.

So, what’s the scoop? Well, picture this – a stunning piece of artwork that’s more than just a pretty sight. Crafted with care and creativity, the gift is a framed masterpiece that uses scripture from every book of the Bible to form the intricate details of a fingerprint. It’s a visual representation of the intertwining threads of our spiritual journey, reminding us of the tapestry of love and faith that binds us together.

And who was at the helm of this thoughtful presentation? None other than our Associate Pastor Jesse and his lovely wife Amber. Their warmth and genuine excitement added an extra layer of joy to the surprise, making it a moment to remember.

Upon receiving the gift, Pastor Tommy and Donna were visibly moved. In their own words, “What a wonderful gift. We look forward to displaying it in our home where we will be reminded of how much each and every member means to us each time we see it.” It’s clear that this artwork goes beyond being just a decoration – it’s a daily reminder of the incredible community that surrounds them, a testament to the love and support that Light On A Hill Church shares.

This gesture not only showcases the strong bond within our church family but also highlights the creativity and thoughtfulness that make our community so special. It’s moments like these that make Light On A Hill Church more than just a place of worship; it’s a family where each member is cherished and celebrated.


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