Pastor Jesse and Amber Presented With Christmas Gifts

Pastor Jesse and Amber Presented With Christmas Gifts

At Sunday Light On A Hill Church, things got all kinds of cozy and festive. The church fam decided to give a big shoutout to Associate Pastor Jesse Loew and his awesome wife, Amber, for being total rockstars in the community.

So, what did they get? Well, Amber scored a big, insulated mug – perfect for sippin’ something warm during those chilly days. And they threw in a Yeti cooler too, because, you know, Amber’s just as cool and reliable as that thing.

As for Pastor Jesse, they hooked him up with a sweet pair of binoculars. Why? Because he’s got that visionary leadership thing going on, helping the crew navigate the spiritual journey with all the insight and clarity.

The church board stepped up to the plate, delivering the gifts with a big ol’ dose of gratitude. It was like a big family hug, with each gift saying, “Hey, we see you and appreciate everything you bring to the table.”


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